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Good quality product

I bought 3 paintings and enjoyed my first painting so far thoroughly. It's a good quality product with all you need to paint.

Excellent quality

Absolutely loved my paint by numbers, service was great and delivered within the time stated.


Looks amazing once painted
It’s going to be a wonderful Father’s Day gift


Sent a photo of my dog to be put on canvas, and the result is truly amazing.
Thoroughly enjoyed painting it, found it very relaxing and totally absorbing. My friends can’t believe I painted it ! Can’t wait to start on the next one as I bought 3 !
Can’t wait to start the next one !


I’ve done this one twice! The first one my cousin wouldn’t stop till I gave it to her, the second I’m keeping myself. Turned out great and fun to do. Took about 20/22 hours but hours well spent.

Loved seeing this picture come to life

Brilliant picture to paint.
Brushes spot on, paint a good texture.

Cat pictures

Took a little longer to arrive that I would have liked, nut once en route they were easy to track. The picture that accompanies them was very helpful and the quality of the paints and brushes was fine. Instructions on painting would have been useful - start darker colours first. work top to bottom, left to right-managed to work it out.Pleased with the finished picture.


It’s a therapeutic time spent. I loved it!

Lovely pic

Took a arrive .but finally finished last week.wonderful subject .please send print out so we dont miss any numbers only reasin to mark down..

Excellent service

Sent an old black and white photo of my parents. Came back in a very quick time well within the estimated 4 weeks. Now all painted and looks amazing albeit with a few tweekd of my own, but I am very impressed with the quality.

Tiger painting by numbers

I love doing these painting by numbers , I buy with frame and frame them myself. They come in perfect condition.

Love this paint by numbers

Received this paint by numbers from a photo of my partners mum's dogs. I was a bit daunted but so enjoyed doing this, the canvas and paints were such good quality. So happy with the finish painting.


I submitted 2 photos to be made into paint by numbers and I wasn't dissapointed. I've completed my first one of my dog and it looks exactly like the photo. Its amazing thank you

Create Your Own Paint By Numbers
Stavroulla Panayiotou
Mother's Day gift

Got 3 paint by numbers... One of them for mother's Day, a picture of my mum with my son. Delivery was in good time, even though I panicked as I thought it wouldn't arrive in time for me to paint for mother's Day and contacted houseart. They were very helpful and told me when it would be delivered and it was delivered the day they stated. It arrived Thursday and I spent all day thurs-sat to paint it in time for mother's Day on Sunday, I wasn't sure at first with the colours but by the end it all came together and everyone was amazed! Looking forward to painting my other 2 pictures I ordered! Highly recommend!

Bulldog painting by numbers

Fabulous painting by numbers. Bought with frame and stretched it no problem.
Just bought another, can’t wait to start

Very happy

I recommend this to anyone!
Very satisfied with results♥️♥️ I bought first time just one and after I finished ordered another 3 and cant wait to start on them

Cat and Lion Paint by Numbers

These were great to do, really enjoyed painting them, they look brilliant!!!! Going to order another one.

Plant flower paint

I was very impressed with delivery time & quality was very good however I ordered 3 more on the 6 of feb & still waiting for shipping email! So not so good on the second order!


First time painting by numbers and really enjoyed doing it

Enjoyed doing it.

I am 69 years young and needed something to do which did not cost the earth. Thought about it, then bought this, my first paint by numbers. I also bought some extra paint and brushes. What did I get myself into. I spent 2 - 3 hours, 5 days a week on this, it took me about a month to finish. As you can see, I did not keep to the (colour) numbers for the background but that was just me. Thought it would look better my way. I enjoyed doing it and have started another P.B.N. For under £20, excellent value for (my) money, I have something which I am proud with and it will be on my wall by the end of the week.

Great picture!

Really enjoyed doing this and so pleased with the result! Took about 12 hours on and off. Definitely recommend!

Intricate but satisfying!

Very intricate and fiddly but I'm so pleased I have finally finished it. It has been my lockdown project and I've loved it.

love the picture.

I never thought that I could paint like that. I love the picture.

worth the wait

Well worth the wait. What a neat project. Had fun painting it!

as a gift

Got this for my roommate as a gift and she loved it, she's still not done painting it, but the pieces she has done looked great!