Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement is a malicious crime. Selling or Copying any intellectual property of an individual is strictly prohibited. strictly follows American Copyright Laws & promotes the compliance of these laws.

We at affirm that all the products available on our website are completely open source. We never tried to steal or copy any artwork of any artist. We don’t claim of having License of any product exhibited on our site. We are selling art kits & these kits are not meant to be licensed.

We are still open to claims & promise the preservation of Copyrights. If anybody sees any product on our website which is believed to be Copyrighted to any individual then please let us know & we’ll remove that product after investigation.

We strictly follow the American Copyrights Law. If any of our products falls under the Copyright Violation in the light of these Laws then we’ll accept that claim & get it resolved in 12 – 24 hours. After having evidences, the product will be completely removed from our website.

For any claim regarding Copyright issues please Contact Us at You can also file your claim by filling this form.